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Daniel Holbrook, I am of full age, single, that on the same day __ William Heath and Jane Davis hoa their tryall at court coming, & child of Jane Davis ___ ____ to Heath ____ deponest asked Joseph ___ what business he had at court. Joseph ___ ___ does not know what I come for, for I shall do Heath no good, for he has ___ my evidence and he wont make them over. I know him for all, if I can say is that I love Jane Davis.
Ichabod Davis testifieth to the above written evidence as ____ at of Davis.


Deborah Goddard of full year ago testifieth and saith that at the ____ , Jane Davis ______ single woman in the prime of her ____ upon the sixth day of May last she being urged to speak the truth and tell who was the father of her child. she did then say it was her Master Wm. Heath and that it was no other mans.
Deborah Goddard
Oct. 5 1699 Sworn in Court _____
_____ Davenport Clerk
_____ ____ __ Addington Davenport Esq.


Jabez Hotman and Joseph Lyon of full age testify and say that some time ___ February ___ twelve month or the ___ of month being sent to by Jane Davis ___ ___ ___ __ ____ hear about she from to say ___ ___ she would have of us tell her master heath that she aprehended how self to be with child and that he was the father of it we went to the house of Willyam heath and inform him after this month he did not then Deny it but with some other discors said he hoped when in was could before the father of the law he thought speak the truth.
                            Jabez Hotman
                            Joseph Lyon



               October y 2 , 1699
Mary May of Roxbury of full age saith that being many times employed in William Heath ____ at his house in Roxbury in the yard have ____ -___ an opportunity to take __. I observed that the carriage of Jane Pierpont of Roxbury and Jane Davis of same ___ was very familiar towards each other, they being caught in comperley together and James Pierpont has sought of me ___ and askes and told me himself tha the was going to carry them to Jane Davis and ____ as I have heard many times words of differences between Jane and William Heath. I  may always observe the Jane Davis always took James Pierpont part against her Master, pasticular and ____ I heard Heath and Pierpont very angry in discussion. I understand the case to ___ for that the James had saith something where by to disappoint or hinder Wm Heath from obatining __ that is now the Heaths ___ and I told Jane Davis that I worried that her Master could ____ such words from Pierpont; Jane made a short reply and told me that Pierpont was not so much to blame as her Master, and I have heard Jane say that her Master would never have Mrs Anna Ruggles, but saith Jane __ they ___ pom together, they will never live a comfortable life. ___ her what ___ she had to say so, she told me her ___ was in her own ___ and when it comes to pass then remember that I saith for. I may have heard Jane Davis this ___ or ___ many times both before my neighbor was publicly and even to the day of her marriage, but would never give any reason for it but would say there might come a slip between the cup and the lipp. I have often ___ ____ her. Ill and I have asked her what is the matter Jane. She told me that she had never been with ___ she had his favor she saith Davis told me she ___ ___ Master would be married quickly that she Jane Davis might go home to her mothers and take _____. I may have heard Jane ask her Master if she might come at night and see him married, he told her she ight if she ____ it her brother Eckabad being __ asked my neighbor Heath if he, Eckabad might come also, my neighbor Heath told him he might if he __ cause and welcome and I never saw anything by my neighbor Heath that make me think him in he was guilty of the things that have been charged against him in the matter afformication by Jane Davis of Roxbury
               Mary May


(This is the the second half of the Mary May document transcribed above.)


                                            and of Roxbury
Sarah Pierpont 18 years of age or there about, testifieth and saith that in the laterned of June in the year 1699 Joseph Janet coming in at the same. Jane Davis being at my mothers house. The said deponart testifieth and said that there was no merryment in the family while she was present neither was there any private discussion between the said Jane Davis and James Pierpont nor any in the family the doors standing open while and the family being present.
                                Sarah Pierpont



Elizabeth Bowen mic___ of full ago testifiath and saith that being called to p___ of Jane Davis __ single woman in prime of her _ct_imily upon the sixth of may last she being urged by __ to speak up truth and tell who was of father of that child she did then say it was her Master William Heath and no other mans as a___ several times before I heard her say that if the were with child it was by said William Heath
                                           Elizabeth Bowen
Octob 5th 1699 Sworn in courth ____ Add. Davneport Clerk
_____ ___ _ __ Addington Davenport Esq.


Roxbury April __ 2nd 1700
Wee whose names are hereunto subscribed knowing the burden which Jane Davis Junr. our neighbor is now laboring under her mother boring and goodly grave, and at present a poor sorrowful widow, and tho the sd Jane boring weak in body, and down in spirit some of us with whom she hath favor and others who are in habitantof the town of Roxbury, who have been with acquants ith her cariage the for chaviour accournt one selves found in Duty to say on her behalf hat she was always dilligent in her calling and fine in her work and chast in her convosation we say that we never saw or know any thing to the contrary until as she sayth her Master William Heath beguiled her. And therefore upon those roasons we pray that she may have the privolige of the law.


_________              John Bowen
John Pailon             Pal___ Alcocks
Jabez Hotman         Samuel Williams
H____ Bowen        
Edward Bridge        Daniel Holbrook
Nath_l Bower         Thomas Cheney
Robert Murdock
Thomas ___ry        John Holbrook
Joseph Lyon
John May               Thomas Swan
K_____ Child          John Seaver
J____ ____
Joshua Child
_____ -____
Nathaniel Holmes
Bonja D___
Richard Hall
John Hemminway